Reading Fluency Exercises

HMS Students  -

If you were assigned a reading fluency assessment, please complete the following:

Set a timer for exactly 60 seconds. Read a posted selection (below) until the timer ends. Count the number of words you were able to read correctly in that time (one minute). Email Ms. Dolly ( and report your score, like this:

"I completed the reading fluency exercise # ___, and I was able to read ___ correct words in one minute." 

Exercise #10

A Surprise Visitor


One rainy day, the students were all hurrying past Mrs. Smith and Mr. Tapp to their parents' cars without getting very wet from the rain. Suddenly, Ryne stopped and looked down. Several friends almost ran into him. A little turtle was standing right in front of his foot, and he had almost stepped on it! He  didn't know why, but he just had the urge to scoop up the little fellow and jump in the car with him, and that is exactly what he did! It happened so quickly that no one really seemed to notice. Once his mother had pulled away from the school, though, she noticed Ryne examining his new friend. "Ryne!" she cried. "What is that turtle doing here?" Ryne explained that he couldn't just leave the turtle, because he had almost stepped on it himself, and he felt certain that it would get hurt. Ryne's mother understood, and they turned and drove to the river park, where they released the turtle in a safe area. Maybe the turtle found some turtle friends in this more turtle-friendly place! 

Reading comprehension assessment

If you were assigned a reading comprehension assessment, please answer the following six questions and email your answers to Ms. Dolly at like this:

"I completed the reading comprehension assessment #___, and my answers are  #1____, #2____, #3____, #4____, #5____, #6____" 

A Surprise Visitor

1. What was the weather like?

A. Sunny     B. Windy     C.  Rainy       D. Snowing

2. Where Was Mr. Tapp standing?

A. Before the parents' cars       B. In the cafeteria

C. Under a bridge                     D. In an intersection

3. Why did Ryne stop suddenly?

A. He fell down.               B. He saw the turtle.

C. He dropped a pencil.  D. He was playing.

4.What happened when Ryne stopped suddenly?

A. Other students almost ran into him.

B. He dropped his pencil.

C. Mrs. Smith asked him what was wrong.

D. He was angry.

5. When Ryne picked up the turtle, what happened next?

A. He gave it to his friend.  B. He jumped in the car.

C. He put it back down.      D. He laughed.

6. Where did Ryne and his mother take the turtle?

A. to their home.           B. to a veterinarian

C. to the river park        D. to an aquarium

Reading Fluency Exercises

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